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What is a Blue Slip Inspection ?

A Blue Slip Inspection report confirms an unregistered vehicle’s safety and ensures that it complies with identification and design regulations. This applies to automobiles with expired registration as well as those inspected before to purchase.

Inspection differences between a blue slip and a pink slip

• A vehicle identity check in the forensic approach that can exactly identify any vehicle.

• A check on “written off” autos that reveals stolen cars that have been rebadged with identification plates from damaged cars.

• A design review to ensure that automobiles adhere to manufacturing and design requirements.

• When interstate automobiles are reregistered in NSW, Blue Slip inspections are necessary.

You will receive additional documents from your technician along with your Blue Slip Inspection papers, which you must fill out. You will be qualified to purchase a green slip and finish your car registration online, via mail, or at your nearby MVR after these forms have been submitted.

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