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A green slip, also known as a Compulsory Third Party Green Slip, is required before a vehicle can be registered in NSW. These slips are a sort of insurance policy that pays for expenses incurred by someone hurt in an accident. All types of motor vehicles must have them by law, with the exception of trailers, which are protected by the towing vehicle.

What a Green Slip Includes

When referring to a green slip, the majority of insurances frequently take the following into account:

• Medical costs, which include accident-related injuries

• Medical costs for other persons – If the accident was the owner of the green sip’s fault, insurance may reimburse the other person’s medical fees.

• Lost income – if the accident increases the likelihood that money will be lost, insurance can assist with time off work.

• Additional medical expenditures – if there are any serious medical conditions, the issuer will probably cover those fees.

• Ridesharing – certain insurances will cover the cost of taxi and other comparable services if they are required.

What a Green Slip Doesn’t Cover

Because every insurance is unique, there may be variations in the benefits they provide. These elements, which are connected to a green slip, are most likely what the insurance companies won’t cover:

• Vehicle damage – if there are any problems with the automobile after the accident, such as the need for repairs, the insurance company frequently refuses to pay for the car.

• Damage to other automobiles and property resulting from the accident is not covered by insurance, so keep that in mind.

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