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Car Service “By the Book”

A log book service, often referred to as a hand book service, is when your car is serviced in line with the manufactures instructions. It entails inspecting and/or changing specific parts and fluids on the vehicle at the intervals the manufacturer advises.

Many consumers think that in order to keep the warranty in effect, they must return to the automaker for New Car Log Book servicing. In reality, the ACCC has repeatedly reaffirmed that, under Australian Law, you are free to have your automobile serviced by a mechanic or service centre of your choosing as long as they are qualified to do so.

Log Book Service

A log book service is a thorough and detailed maintenance procedure based on your car’s manufacturer’s recommendations. Owners of new cars or those who have a new car manufacturer’s warranty should get a log book service.

How can I get my log book stamped?

Some automobiles include a spot on the log book that says the record should be stamped by a “authorised dealer.” Even though a log book is labelled in this manner, the ACCC has determined that an independent repairer may sign or stamp the pertinent page of your service log book without compromising the manufacturer’s warranty, providing they are qualified to do so and that all prerequisites are satisfied.

Will having my log book stamped increase the value of my car when I sell it?

A well-maintained vehicle will typically bode well for maintaining resale value.

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