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On the grounds of registration renewal in NSW, all light vehicles which are 5 years older must have an eSafety check (commonly known as a pink slip). An eSafety (or pink slip) inspection report certifies that your vehicle is drivable and safe.

Inspections are accomplished at authorized inspection stations, and the findings of eSafety inspections are electronically filed with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

Regular pink slip inspection includes following areas of vehicle:-

Engine and driveline condition and functioning

Engine and driveline fluid leaks

Exhaust System

Seat belts

Working electrics such as headlights, blinkers, interior lights and dash lights

Brake efficiency test

Brakes and brake fluids

Fluid containers

Tyre quality and tread depth

Vehicle body condition


Why is pink slip inspection important?

Pink Slip Inspection enables you to drive securely and maintain your car up to date. If it passes the test, it is not capable of causing harm to others (at least not directly). Despite the fact that there is always the possibility that the vehicle will do harm to others, many of the possibilities are deemed unlikely to materialize as a preventative step.

Keep in mind that an eSafety check may be finished up to 6 months ahead to the registration expiry date, so that you do not need to wait till your present registration is about to expire. All light cars, trailers, motorbikes and RVs in NSW could have an eSafety check examination performed by Motor serve auto servicing.

If the registration expired, associate Unregistered Vehicle Permit allowance are needed to drive the vehicle except it’s towed.

If you decide on to drive an unregistered vehicle, ensure you are following the law, otherwise you might face a sequence of Police contravention notices of a hefty fine.


What occurs if I fail a pink slip inspection?

If your car fails its preliminary drivable examination, the inspector can issue a white slip non-fulfilment notice, which permits the vehicle’s proprietor to get the vital repairs completed for re-inquiry in less than fourteen days. If the vehicle was gave back to the identical inspection station, there are no extra charges for an eSafety check (pink slip) re-inquiry.

If the vital repairs aren’t completed within the time range, a new eSafety (pink slip) checkups are needed.

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