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In Australia, purchasing a vehicle on finance is fairly common.
A NSW Vehicle Inspection comes in handy when loan companies ask for a pre-finance vehicle inspection report on the car you want to buy.
Our fully qualified vehicle inspectors evaluate the vehicle for you at your home or at the seller’s preferred location and provide you the certificate you need before your loan can be approved.
In all Australian states and territories, the NSW Vehicle Inspection Report can be used as an official vehicle condition report.
A pre-finance vehicle inspection is performed to ensure that the vehicle is in excellent functioning order before it is financed.

The Pre-Finance Vehicle Inspection has two functions.

The first step is to do an independent examination of the vehicle you want to purchase to ensure that it matches the description and the agreed-upon price.
In many cases, a used car isn’t worth the money or is faulty, and you’ll have troubles with it after you purchase it. This will be a considerable loss, especially if you are short on cash and are taking out the loan to address a financial crisis.
Before you take out a loan, we will inspect the car for you and inform you of any problems or potential concerns.

The second purpose is similar, but it’s merely to ensure that the automobile matches the description you submitted to the loan provider.
We’ll give you a pre-finance car inspection report to give to the lender, which will include all legal information regarding the vehicle as well as any potential flaws found.

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