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When it comes to classic car inspections, you’ll discover that our inspectors are very enthusiastic about these vehicles, since the majority of our mobile mechanics have worked on a restoration or two, and the bulk of them still own or have had a classic automobile.

Classic Car Inspections specialises in automobile inspections before to purchasing and the transportation of bespoke and historic automobiles

Because most antique vehicles have a lengthier and more convoluted history than your usual second-hand car, scheduling a classic car examination before signing off on a sale is essential. What is it about old automobiles that makes them so popular? The explanation is simple: they have appreciated in value and, in many circumstances, have proven to be a better investment than real estate or the stock market. In fact, I’ve heard of people using their superannuation assets to purchase old automobiles. Most old and vintage automobiles just require more upkeep. That is why the Vintage Expert Inspector exists! On older automobiles, we pay close attention to all the nuances that are particularly significant, such as evidence of corrosion or previous repairs, as well as any prior or concealed damage.


• The body’s and paint’s condition

• Scratches, fractures, dents, or rust are present

• Examine the underneath of the vehicle for any signs of corrosion or damage.

• The condition of the tyres and wheels

• Examine the glass for fractures or other faults.

• Previous flood damage and prior accident damage

• Check the lights, A/C, gauges, and any other electrical devices for proper operation.

• Inspect the inside thoroughly, including the upholstery, matting, and headliner and seat belts.

.• A thorough examination of the motor and gearbox

• All components of the driveline, including 4-Wheel and All-Wheel systems

• Exhaust system, steering, suspension, and braking components

• Visual check of the engine and all other under-the-hood components

• Make a note of the fluid level, any oil leaks, and any parts that are missing.

• Examine any mechanical and ownership records that are accessible (if available)

• We’ll take care of any other issues you bring up.

• If feasible, the full drive train performance is tested using a 5khm road test, presuming the vehicle is street legal and safe weather conditions exist.

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