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How do warranties work?
A warranty is a voluntarily made commitment made by the individual or company who sold you the good or service. Any rights you may have under the ACL are in addition to the warranty.

What is a manufacturer’s warranty ?
Consumers are promised under a manufacturer’s or dealer’s guarantee that a vehicle will be free of flaws for a predetermined amount of time and that any flaws will entitle them to a repair or other form of reimbursement. In addition to your customer warranties, these are provided.

Will Service at a Shop Other Than a Dealer Void My Warranty?
No. To maintain your new car warranty and consumer guarantees, you are not required to service your vehicle through a dealer.

How Can A Private Workshop Preserve My Warranty?
When repairing your car, a workshop must adhere to a set of rules in order to safeguard your new car warranty. These include employing lubricants and fluids that adhere to manufacturer’s requirements as well as high-quality replacement components from reliable vendors. They must be performed by staff who have been properly trained, supervised, and qualified, and they must adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

What if I need to submit a Warranty claim?
If you have a problem that is covered by the warranty, it can be a requirement of the warranty that any repair work be done at the Dealer workshop. You could even be able to get assistance from your own mechanical shop during this process.

If a dealership rejects my warranty, what should I do?
Check your ACL rights, and keep in mind that many times, consumer guarantees will outlast a manufacturer’s warranty. Please call the ACCC at 1300 302 502 if a warranty is rejected simply on the grounds that your automobile was not serviced by the dealership or that “non-genuine” parts were used.

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